Kindness Rocks at the Riverfront Community Center

Kindness Rocks at the Riverfront Community Center

Earlier this month on the anniversary of losing my father, I was feeling emotional and thinking about the things that give me comfort, and I had an idea. I really get a lot of emotional healing from painting rocks for The Kindness Rocks Project. I usually donate my rocks to my cancer hospital program, Smilow Rocks.

In between hospital visits, I occasionally drop a rock at the Kindness Rock garden located at my local Official Kindness Rocks Project Certified School, Hopewell School.

But what about when there is snow or ice and the spots outdoors are simply not accessible?

I thought of the Riverfront Community Center here in Glastonbury, CT. It is the home of the Glastonbury Senior Center. I realized that among many other family heirlooms, I had inherited one of the bowls my children painted back in 2001, as Christmas gifts for their grandparents, Aunts and Uncles.

I posted on the Glastonbury Rocks Facebook Group about my idea, and a fellow rock painter gave me the name of a contact person in the town Social Services Department. So last week I put all the small rocks I had painted in the bowl, bought a frame and made a sign. I dropped everything off at the Social Services office and it’s all set!

My hope is some seniors take a rock to keep or one to share, and others paint rocks to add! Because as the official Kindness Rocks Project saying goes…

One message at just the right moment can change someones entire day, outlook, life!

If you are interested in donating rocks, just stop by the Social Services Office at the Riverfront Community Center and add them to the bowl! Thank you in advance for spreading kindness to our community!

Sue Apito, #goodrocklove
Ambassador for The Kindness Rocks Project®