Retiring My Eye Blog

Today I made the decision to retire My Eye Blog.

I have been struggling for weeks with the task of writing my seven year “Cancerversary” post. I finally realized today that I really do not want to spend every day researching and writing about cancer, which is basically what I have been doing for the past two years. Instead, I’ll be blogging about all the good things I want to share instead!

All the uveal melanoma resources I shared on that website are pretty much shared in the files I created for the Facebook Support Group I started for patients*. If you are a patient with ocular melanoma or know one, please invite them to join the Uveal (Ocular) Melanoma Patient Support Group.

I’ll be mirroring much of the information from my old blog here on this blog, including some favorite topics and links and even republishing some old posts, but it is important for me to focus on the many good things in my life more than on the fact that I have cancer.

Meanwhile I saved an Internet Archive of on the Wayback Machine!

Much of this fresh insight came as the result of participating in a show called Life Lessions for the local public television station, CPTV.

I was interviewed prior to the show and a short video about me was shown during the live taping in front of the studio audience. I realized that I have learned some really valuable lessons during the seven years that I have had cancer. The doctors who were on the panel of experts had some really wise advice for facing the challenges of having cancer. I do not know how long the CPTV show will be available On Demand but here is a link.

*see comments for update, June 2020

2 thoughts on “Retiring My Eye Blog

  • October 28, 2019 at 11:37 AM

    Yes, the insights the integrative team shared were right for me also. and we can have a meaningful discussion on what’s next on the uveal support page


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