My First Five Years


In November of 2012 I was diagnosed with eye cancer, known as Uveal Melanoma.

I had no symptoms sometimes associated with this disease, but was diagnosed by my local eye doctor, Dr. Lindower, during what was supposed to be a routine eye exam to update my eyeglasses prescription.

Within 6 days of diagnosis I was at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, and received radiation treatment using the procedure known as Plaque Brachytherapy.

The primary tumor was successfully treated and while I had loss of vision in the treated eye, once healed I had been able to drive, work full-time and honestly most days, barely noticed the loss of vision. I had regular ocular oncologist visits at Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center at Yale New Haven, first with Dr. Materin then after he moved to Duke, with Dr. Lim.


Unfortunately, just three weeks after my five year diagnosis anniversary in November 2017, my annual surveillance scans showed the cancer has metastasized (spread) to my liver. This happens in 50% of patients.

My medical oncologist Dr. Sznol had been monitoring me for five years. I got a second opinion from Dr. Sato at Jefferson Hospital in PA as well. I decided to receive immunotherapy treatment at Smilow Cancer Hospital the day after Christmas.